To Lash or Not To Lash? | Magnetic Lash Bash

To Lash or Not To Lash?

Mascara? Lashes? Lashes? Mascara?  How do you decide?  Mascara is gorgeous when applied correctly but can be a burden for some to remove.  Lashes are stunning but can be a burden for some to apply.  How do you decide which is right for you?

Mascara usually requires multiple coats and with one wrong move you have lashes clumped together that don’t look all that good.  If you have the patience of a Saint (as my grandmother used to say) you will attempt to split the clumps with a toothpick but I myself have never been successful in doing this.  Over all most people do a ‘fine’ job with applying mascara and it is a ‘go to’ for most. 

For those who are looking for the WOW factor you have probably already gotten acquainted with false eyelashes.  False lashes also require a level of skill but this is not difficult to achieve with a little practice. 

You should be aware that not all lashes are created equal.  Read my lash journey here on MEDIUM  

There are traditional glue lashes that are used with duo glue, adhesives and magnetic eyelashes available and they each work differently.  Magnetic Lash Bash offers both adhesive eyelashes and magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner and they are both simply fab-u-lash-ous!  Check them out HERE.