Talc Free Eyeshadow Palette

I don’t know about you but the favorite part of my makeup routine is eyeshadow.  It’s like picking out a nail polish at the salon except I don’t have to wait two weeks to change it.  You can coordinate your eyeshadow with your outfit, pick a color to reflect your mood or keep it toned down and chill with soft colors.  I love to wear silver eyeshadow when I wear my favorite pink sweater and when I am feeling a little daring I always my go to my favorite talc free eyeshadow in deep burgundy - but for me the best bonus to wearing eyeshadow is it hides my aging eyelids.  It’s not just the wrinkles that bother me but the way my eyelids seem to now have that transparent appearance in recent years.  I am getting old but no one is too old for eyeshadow.  It’s fun and can be flirty or serious.  One quick swipe of my favorite mauve shadow and I suddenly appear more youthful as it seems to take off a few years and let’s face it, every year counts. 

Now that I am older and smarter I seek products that cause the no harm or the least amount of harm possible.  When selecting eyeshadow, talc free eyeshadow is key for me.  In my personal opinion eyeshadows with talc tend to sprinkle down my face when applying them so I find them to be messy but the real issue here is the potential dangers of talc in eyeshadow.  Some of the information out there is true and some of it is not but I prefer not to take chances especially when it comes to my eyes.  Talc free eyeshadow is the way to go for me. 

Since safety is a big concern with our products we are excited to be able to offer a talc free eyeshadow palette.  Talc is an ingredient that is not needed any longer due to our good friend mica.  Our eyeshadow palette is available without talc and mica will give you the radiant glow you are looking for without the dangers of talc.  Talc free eyeshadow is the new black.  Mica allows for magnificent talc free eyeshadow shades.  Eyeshadow is a great way to have some fun with your daily makeup routine.  Let your eyes walk into the room first with our Polished Powder Palette.  This magnificently “polished” palette comes with 16 fabulous shades of eyeshadow and 4 powder for the face which may be used as a blush or contour.  These talc free powders were formulated to be highly pigmented and waterproof so in several hours you will still look great. 

I don’t go all out on a regular basis but when it comes to my eyes I need them to look refreshed and awake.  Sure, you can spend 10 minutes on your eyeshadow like many youtube bloggers but with a few swipes you literally can be out the door looking ten times better.  I admire those who have crafted the smoky eye look but I like to keep it fairly simple: one color on the top under my brow bone and one color on the bottom eyelid.  Poof – it’s done.  For those of you who love drama and dare the smokey eye look you will just love the pigments in this palette.  They blend so well and will draw attention to the most mysterious part of your face – your eyes.  For those more experienced eyeshadow girls and gurls you know the importance of what goes on your lids, under your brow bone, under your eyes and around them.  With 16 shades to mix and match you will achieve endless texturally consistent looks creating the picture perfect hue you desire.  Achieving this without toxic chemicals is a win win!