Snap-On-Magnetic-Lashes | Magnetic Lash Bash

What is the secret to getting these beauties to snap on? It's a simple process that we are so excited to tell you about!  Magnetic eyeliner is applied in two coats, and the lashes are attached by placing the magnetic lash on the eyeliner. The tiny magnets on the lashes practically snap into place as they come into contact with the magnetic eyeliner. It's just a brilliant concept - simply apply two coats of liner and lashes literally snap on! Magnetic Lash Bash is where you can get your snap on magnetic lashes now. You will not believe how dramatically they will alter your appearance. Snap-on magnetic lashes are available in a variety of designs to choose from.  You will not believe how they will change your look. Snap on magnetic lashes are available in several styles. We offer very natural styles, evening lashes perfect for weddings and parties and very dramatic lashes that look great in videos and photos.  Check them out HERE You will not be disappointed with your new look!