Quick Morning Routine

It’s Monday…you woke up late and you have 10 things to do before I head off to work so you don’t have time to get dolled up.  We get it.  First and foremost, never skip your skin care.  That is your barrier against everything.  Adding a serum to your daily skin care routine is an important element and a great way to improve the clarity, texture and radiance of your skin. 

Eyeshadow is a simple and easy way to brighten your tired eyes in the morning.  We suggest mixing at least 2 colors to give your eyes a little texture.  Using a eyeshadow palette that has multi colors is a great way to achieve this.  Use different shades to coordinate with your outfit or mood. 

Last but not least, when you need to look good and don’t have a lot of time, our adhesive eyelashes are a dream come true.  They can literally be applied in under one minute and dah-ling, you will look fabu-LASH-ous.