Pros and Cons of Magnetic Eyelashes | Magnetic Lash Bash

Experienced lash users know the differences between regular false strip eyelashes, adhesive lashes and magnetic eyelashes.  For those of you who recently jumped on the lash train, or are just about to, we’ve pulled together a cheat sheet listing the Pros and Cons for each to help you make the best decision. 

False Lashes, Adhesive Lashes & Magnetic Eyelashes


Lash glue used with false lashes can be spotted from several feet away.  Dried up glue is very visible and it just looks nasty making it really obvious the lashes were glued on. 

Adhesive lashes are applied with a felt tip liner that is available in clear and black.  Since there is no gap between the lash line and the lash, the application is seamless and presents looking quite natural. Adhesive Eyelashes Kits come with one set of lashes and one adhesive eyeliner. 

Magnetic Eyelashes look great from several feet away but upon close inspection, the tiny magnets are visible if someone is paying close attention to your eyes.   They look beautiful but are slightly detectable. 

Winner:  Adhesive Lashes & Felt Tip Liner


It’s important to note that the density of the lash style sometimes plays a role in its durability.  A super thick lash will always outrank an everyday 9 to 5 style when it comes to durability because a thick lash is usually accompanied by a much thicker lash band.  For purposes of this review we will compare apples to apples and answer based on a natural lash style. 

False Lashes in natural styles are often made with a thin band.  Wispies are exceptionally thin.  While they are beautiful and very natural looking they don’t last more than a few uses because the glue is damaging even to the lashes. 

Adhesive Lashes that work with adhesive have durability no matter the style.  The lash band is delicate but not overly fragile.  If handled with care they will not tear even during removal because the adhesive is so gentle. 

Magnetic Eyelashes are rather sturdy because the band must be a certain quality to hold the magnets.  This allows the magnetic lashes to be reused anywhere from 20-35 times depending on care. 

Winner:  Magnetic Eyelashes



Magnetic Eyelashes are the underdog in this race.  It is actually the magnets that adhere closest to the lash liner.  When placed correctly, the lash band will also sit on the liner but the little magnets add depth to the installation making them sit not as close as its competitors. 

False Lashes are in second place.  Not because they are thick or have a large lash band but because the clumpy glue can cause a greater distance between the lash and the lash line making the space greater.

Adhesive lashes are the closest you can get to the lash line.  The felt tip adhesive eyeliner makes this possible. 

Winner:  Adhesive Eyelashes


False strip lashes, if applied correctly with certain glues can provide all day wear.  Always consider options that allow for good hygiene in the eye area and always read the ingredient list.  Are you comfortable putting rubber latex on your eyes?  (Also note there are individual lashes available that use a different glue system and those can last up to 2 weeks.  They are different than strip lashes.  Again, always read the ingredients before putting something on your eyes)

Adhesive lashes if applied correctly will last until you take them off at the end of the day, however if not applied correctly the lashes may pop off after 5-6 hours.  Fixing them is easy with the felt tip liner.

Magnetic eyelashes if applied correctly will last until you take them off at the end of the day.  Some eyelash kits are available with anchors.  Eyelash anchors are applied on the underside of the eyelash which provides even greater hold.  Magnetic Eyelash Kits with anchors are available at Magnetic Lash Bash. 

Winner: Tie False Lashes & Magnetic Eyelashes


False Strip Lashes can be worn for 2-4 times per pair. 

Adhesive Lashes can be worn 10+ times

Magnetic Eyelashes can be reused 20-30 times. 

Winner: Magnetic Eyelashes


False Strip Lashes work with traditional glue and can be extremely messy especially for those who have little experience.  The glue can get all over your eyes and your fingers.

Adhesive Lashes are not messy and if using the clear liner, even those without a steady hand will still look great because it is invisible/clear.  The felt tip liner allows for the greatest precision.

Magnetic eyeliner can be messy if you do not have experience with liquid eyeliner.  Don’t fret, it just takes practice.  You can also practice with a regular drug store brand of liquid eyeliner until you get the hang of it.

Winner:  Adhesive Lashes


False strip lashes require a bit more pull to remove.  The glue is adhered to your eyelid and if the application was messy, you will also need to remove the glue from your natural lashes.  This can be a daunting and lash damaging task. 

Adhesive eyelashes are removed by gentle pulling the lash band off.  The adhesive liner is easiest to remove and can be done with regular eye makeup remover. 

Magnetic eyeliner is waterproof and requires a bit more effort to remove.  Always be gentle when removing anything from you eye.  Oil based makeup remover works best.  A great one is Almay: Wipe It Never Happened makeup remover pads. 

Winner:  Adhesive Eyelashes



False strip lashes work with traditional glue.  It is usually a gel like consistency. 

Adhesive eyelashes work with a felt tip liner.  It is easy to use and requires little skill.

Magnetic Eyelashes work with magnetic eyeliner.  Uses must have some level of skill to apply the liquid magnetic eyeliner that comes with a wand.  It is in liquid form. 


False Lashes are applied with traditional glue.  The glue is placed on the lash line and requires drying time before it will set.  The more glue that is used, the thicker it is and the longer it will take. Once the glue dries, the lash can not be readjusted. 

Adhesive lashes are applied with the felt tip liner.  Apply 2 coats of felt tip liner on the upper lash line, wait 30 seconds before applying the lashes.  If the lashes need to be readjusted after 2 minutes, you will need to apply more adhesive.  You may also apply the liner to the lash itself and apply but be certain to use enough liner. 

Magnetic Eyelashes are applied with 2 coats of magnetic eyeliner on the upper lash line.  The liner must be almost thoroughly dry for it to work.  This usually takes 2-5 minutes.  Once the liner is dry, the lashes snap on.  If lashes need to be adjusted it can be done as long as the liner was dry first.  Lifting the lash can cause the liner to lift also and then you will need to apply additional liner and wait again.