Messy Hair Buns | Magnetic Lash Bash

Messy hair bun

Messy Hair buns are not new but they are getting more attention than ever these days.  In a matter of seconds you can go from boring to glam and it is so easy.  The messy hair bun is a very easy accessory to use and there is no right or wrong way to use it so it works many ways.  Typically to use the hair bun you would put your hair in a pony tail before securing your hair bun but for those with short hair, you may also put a clip in your hair and wrap the bun around a clip.  We also suggest for those who are looking for a more dramatic look to layer their buns. 

Interested in adding some highlights or lowlights to your locks?  Integrate a messy hair bun of a different shade by simply just pulling your natural hair through.  Once you mix the hair bun in no one will never know which color is yours.  This is a great way to add some complimenting hair colors to your face. 

In a rush and no time to blow out your hair?  The hair bun is a quick fix.  Come your natural hair and pull it in a bun and simply wrap the hair bun around it.  The hair bun is so easy to use you can do it in the car without a mirror.  The hair bun is reusable and will last you many many wears as long as you take care of it.  You may even wash your hair bun with gentle shampoo.  Let your hair bun air dry and then shake it out before using it.  Our hair buns come in a stunning satin pouch so you may keep your hair bun store in a safe and private place.  Summer is a great time to start wearing a messy hair bun as this up do style will keep you cooler in the hot summer months.  It will also save your hair the abuse of everyday shampooing and using hot styling tools.  Wake up late for work?  The hair bun will help you get out the door and on the road much quicker.  You will find many great uses for your hair bun in no time and be glad you have one especially for those emergency situations. Check them out today at: