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Magnetic Lashes and Liner

Magnetic lashes and liner have been the new craze in the cosmetic industry and they are still ranking high and strong. If you haven’t yet jumped on the lash train you may want to consider adding these bad girls to your makeup routine.  Who doesn’t want to look a little better than normal?  Magnetic lashes and liner will not make your nose smaller or that breakout go away but when you pop on your magnetic lashes and liner it will be the first thing people notice about you.  When you speak to someone they look at your eyes and they will notice your eyes smiling extra wide with these magnetic lashes and liner. 

Ready to really glam up your look?  The answer is magnetic lashes and liner.  Want to keep your look simple and look great without looking overdone?  The answer is magnetic lashes and liner.  Yes, folks, magnetic lashes and liner will help you achieve any look you are going for whether it be full glam or simple and natural.   They are universal and can be worn by anyone. 

What is stopping you from trying magnetic lashes and liner?  Are you afraid you wont get them on?  These are not your typical sandwich lashes and are very easy to use. 

Directions:  Simply apply 2 coats of the magnetic eyeliner and let it dry.  Once your liner is dry your lashes will snap on and stay on all day.  Your magnetic lashes and liner will stay on until you remove them.  Magnetic lashes and liner come in all different sizes, thicknesses and lengths.  Check out the great variety of magnetic lashes at https://www.magneticlashbash.com/products/magnetic-eyelash-kit  and get yours today.  Magnetic Lashes and liner by Magnetic Lash Bash all have 7 magnets on each lash allowing for a secure connection.  The liner may be removed with an oil based eye makeup remover.  The best part is these magnetic lashes and liner are reusable saving you lots of money.  No appointments are needed because you apply these yourself at home. You will feel like a makeup pro in no time with your magnetic lashes and liner by Magnetic Lash bash.  All orders placed by 2pm (est) ship same day.  Check out these magnetic lashes and liner today!