Amazing Magnetic Eyelashes in Houston, TX | Magnetic Lash Bash

Unhappy with the way your eyelashes look? Want to increase their volume? Tired of using mascara that smudges or clumps and doesn’t give you the amazing eyelashes you want? The solution is magnetic lashes. These false eyelashes provide you with fuller, thicker lashes without the mess of liquid mascara that smudges and runs. With our magnetic eyelashes, you can achieve the perfect false lashes you always wanted with less hassle. They’re perfectly safe & don’t involve the messy adhesive other eyelash extensions in Texas offer.

How Do They Work?

When you buy a set of magnetic false eyelashes in Houston, TX, you get everything you need to achieve the look of thick, full lashes without the hassle of other lengthy appointments. These magnetic lashes are made with tiny magnets that secure to the magnetic eyeliner applied to your upper eyelid. These magnetic eyelashes are secure so you don’t have to worry about the rain or crying – the magnetic eyeliner is waterproof. You can even use the magnetic anchors to get a more secure hold for your magnetic eyelashes. It’s never been easier to get the fuller, thicker lashes.

A Variety of Styles

We understand each person has unique needs when it comes to eyelashes. If you want something for everyday use, you may want magnetic false eyelashes that are a bit thinner so you can easily wear them to work in Houston, TX. However, if you’re heading out on a date or a night of fun with your friends, you may want to choose thicker lashes that really make your eyes stand out. Everyone has different goals so we carry a selection of magnetic false eyelashes in Texas. Our goal is to ensure every customer can find exactly what they need for whatever occasion. Not sure what will look best for you? Check out our LASH QUIZ.

Bring Out the Beauty in Your Eyes

Even though people don’t usually consciously notice eyelashes when they look at someone, they can play a dramatic role in how you look. With our line of magnetic false eyelashes in Houston, TX, you will draw attention to your eyes like never before. When your lashes are fuller and thicker, people will be drawn to your eyes, bringing out their natural beauty. With magnetic false eyelashes, you can dress up your makeup routine without the mess of applying mascara that may clump or end up running by the end of the night and eliminate the hassle and messy cleanup from makeup or more traditional eyelash extensions that attach using an adhesive. The magnetic lashes are easy to remove as well, making your routine at the end of the night much quicker and more comfortable.

Get Natural-Looking Magnetic Eyelashes in Texas

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and the same can be true about your eyelashes. With magnetic eyelashes, you can achieve a look as dramatic as you desire. It may take a little practice to get used to applying the magnetic liquid eyeliner and that’s ok! It works like any other liquid eyeliner but since many of us are used to pencil eyeliner, you may have a slight learning curve. Some of our customers practice with an inexpensive liquid eyeliner first. Two coats is all you need for the eyelashes to snap onto the liner.

When applying the magnetic lashes, we recommend starting from the inner corner of the eye & working your way toward the outer edge to apply the magnetic lashes. This allows the lash to grab on from the right spot. No one will ever know you’re wearing false eyelash extensions when you head out for the night in Houston, TX.

Get Rid of Your Animal Based Mascara

Whether you’re vegan or you simply want to avoid makeup that uses animal testing or animal byproducts, magnetic eyelashes can be the perfect alternative. These magnetic false eyelashes are cruelty-free, vegan and gluten free, giving you confidence you’re using products you can be proud of. You can say goodbye to applying several coats of mascara with our magnetic lashes that don’t leave you wishing you had thicker, fuller lashes. Everyone will be sure to notice your eyes when you’re out and about in Houston, TX.

If you’re interested in improving the look of your lashes without messy makeup or adhesives for traditional eyelash extensions, our magnetic lashes in Texas can be the perfect solution. You’ll enjoy the fuller, thicker lashes you always wanted to make your eyes pop. Check out our full line of magnetic false eyelashes today!