Magnetic Lash | Enhance Your Own Natural Beauty

What Is It About The Magnetic Lash?

 It’s not just how you feel.  It’s not just how you look.  It’s a combination of both.  Beauty starts from the inside out and how you look is a reflection of how you feel. 

I tried false lashes when I was a teenager.  My mother had to help me get the glue off.  Of course she wore them back in her day and knew better….of course I was just learning.  As silly as I looked with lopsided lashes I still loved how they accentuated my eyes.  It reminds me of the days when I used scotch tape to make false fingernails.  I felt like a beauty queen prancing around the second grade classroom with my scotch taped fingernails.  If one got stick to my textbook I reapplied it and carried on with my studies.  There is something about enhancing ourselves that does wonders for the ego no matter how old you are.

I was a faithful lash extension client for many years.  Two hundred dollars a month plus two hours and it was all worth it.  I loved how they made my eyes pop but loved even more how I woke up with beautiful lashes.  Eventually they got too expensive and caused damage to my natural lashes so I gave them up.  I was lashless until I found the magnetic lash.  It was a game changer for me.

Applying the magnetic lash system is quite easy.  It works with a liquid eyeliner and if you can do that you are golden.  Liquid liner can take a little practice but once you get the hang of it you will have your lashes on in no time.  Apply two coats of the magnetic liner and the magnetic lash literally snaps into place along your lash line.  It’s quite amazing. 

The best part about the magnetic lash is you have the opportunity to remove them which allows you to thoroughly clean your eyes before bed.  On those pajama days you don’t have to put them on and you can rub your eyes as much as you like.  You cant do that with lash extensions. 

Another great feature about the magnetic lash is you can switch your styles. During the day you can wear natural lashes and in the evenings you can wear more dramatic lashes.  It’s just like shoes! 

Long and wispy thick eyelashes essentially serve to bring attention to your eyes and help to complement your face. When the magnetic lash is applied correctly it will enhance your natural beauty.  Moreover, fluttering eyelashes make eye movements more visible with each glance and glare. 

Final Thoughts

The magnetic lash is available at Magnetic Lash Bash in several styles.  Come check us out today and sign up to receive our discounts.  We also offer adhesive lashes in a variety of styles.  Why not be fab-u-lash-ous?  .