Magnetic Eyelashes for Every Budget  | Magnetic Lash Bash

Magnetic Eyelashes are being flaunted everywhere and have taken the beauty industry by storm.  They don’t require professional skills or pricey appointments.  They range in price from $10 - $75 & up but don’t let that deter you. 

While quality varies from brand to brand don’t be fooled by higher price tags in every case.  A lot of the pricing has to do with the packaging and as long as you are not hung up on the fancy box, you too can lash without putting a hole in your budget.  Also keep in mind when purchasing from an MLM prices are inflated to cover the commission expenses.

Magnetic eyelashes require some level of skill but this is centered around the application of the magnetic eyeliner.  If you are able to apply liquid eyeliner then you will get the hang of magnetic eyelashes.  It just requires a little practice. 


Apply 2 coats of magnetic eyeliner.  Let the liner dry in between coats.  Once dry, starting with the inner corner, apply the lash.  You will feel the lashes snap on.  When considering a magnetic eyeliner keep in mind that a larger bottle of liner may not necessarily provide more uses.  All magnetic eyeliner will start to clump and dry out once the bottle has been opened after 30-60 days.  If you purchase a bigger bottle it may not last longer for these reasons. 


Magnetic lashes are available in synthetic fibers, silk fibers and natural hairs, such as mink.  Synthetic fibers are more durable and will last longer than animal hair.  The more durable they are, the longer they will last.  The fibers of the lashes will impact the price. 

Magnetic Lash Bash offers magnetic eyelash kits for $35.  This kit includes one set of lashes, one magnetic eyeliner and 10 eyelash anchors.  The box is reusable but not as flaunty as some other boxes available.  The magnetic lash tray slides out from the side as opposed to a flip top box. 



The number of magnets vary from brand to brand.  Magnetic eyelashes are available with as little as 2 magnets on each lash and go up to 10 magnets on each lash.  The more magnets per lash the smaller the magnets need to be.  For strong hold and all day wear seek lashes with at least 5-6 magnets on each lash.  Note that most lashers need to trim lashes so if you buy lashes with 5 magnets and need to cut one off you will be left with 4.  Magnetic Lash Bash magnetic eyelash have 7 magnets on each lash.  They are perfectly sized for all day hold. 


As an option for serious lash clients, Magnetic Lash Bash also offers a flip box sold separately.  This eyelash flip box holds 5 pairs of lashes and works with magnetic eyelashes and adhesive eyelashes.  It’s currently available in two adorable styles with more expected to launch in 2021/2022.