Magnetic Eyelash Kit

Magnetic Eyelash Kit - Are They Worth The Hype?


Being women, we do everything we can to enhance our beauty, but did you know that long, bold lashes can make you more beautiful? You're lucky if you naturally have long, thick, curly lashes. However, these days, having such lashes is almost impossible. Likewise, our skin, our lashes are also greatly affected by our daily routine. So, to maintain their beauty, most women often use false eyelashes. 


False eyelashes are not new and have been used for many years; however, the beauty trend has changed nowadays. Previously, women used harsh glue to stick these false eyelashes, but now they are replaced by magnetic lashes. 


What are magnetic lashes?


As the name suggests, these are glue free lashes attached to the lash line with small magnets. Plus, they come in a variety of styles. If you want a glamorous look, you can use full band lashes, but use accented lashes if you just want to complement your natural lashes. 


Another feature that sets these lashes apart from regular glue-on lashes is that they are eco-friendly and require minimal maintenance. 


Despite loving the natural look and being eco-friendly, women are not very interested in magnetic lashes. Based on a survey, many women do not prefer to buy it because they think magnetic lashes are difficult to wear. 


According to their comments, sandwich lashes require a unique technique for their application. You have to hold the upper lash in place to join it with the lower lash. 


We thought about this problem and realized that besides being difficult to apply, these lashes don't stay on any longer and fall off without you even noticing. 


That's why we created a kit that we call the "Magnetic Lash Kit," which contains magnetic liners and lashes. Each lash contains 7 magnets that can easily stick to the liner. 


Simply apply two coats of liner before applying the lashes. Then apply the lashes, and you're done! So you see how easy it is to wear our magnetic lashes. 


Plus, our magnetic lashes are safe to wear and won't hurt your original lashes. Like glue-on lashes, our magnetic lashes won't stick to your eyes or lash line, so your actual lashes will remain intact. 


What is unique about our magnetic lashes?


Our magnetic lashes are handcrafted and complement your natural beauty without anyone noticing that you are wearing false lashes. You'll need seconds to apply them, and we'll also help you choose the correct lash for you. 


Why choose our magnetic lashes?

  • Compared to other brands, we are less expensive. 
  • You can use them several times with minimal maintenance.
  • Our lashes don't create a mess because they don't require glue to stick around the lash line. 
  • Since our lashes do not require harmful glue, they will be hygienic, and you will not be exposed to an eye infection. 
  • They look natural and are also available in several other styles. 
  • Usually, magnetic lashes are not made according to the shape of the eyes, but our lashes will compliment your eyes naturally. 


Wrapping it up!


Although the use of magnetic lashes is attractive yet, many women think that magnetic lashes are not safe for the eyes or difficult to apply. However, with our brand, you don't have to worry about the safety or application of the lashes. Our magnetic lashes are purely handmade, safe, and easy to apply. There are no strict rules or special techniques for using them. So what are you waiting for? Try our lashes now and enhance your beauty the way you want. Https://