Magic Eyelashes

One minute you don't have eyelashes and poof - now you do!  Ok, let's be serious, it's not real magic but it feels like magic because these lashes go on so easy.  These are magic eyelashes.  Apply the liner and only wait 30 seconds. No long drying time is needed with these lashes so they can be applied in a flash.  Apply the felt tip adhesive liner to your upper eyelid and if you like also apply the liner to the lash band and then slowly apply the lashes - you will feel them grab and presto!  If the lash band does not grab, count to 5 and then try again.  Make sure you always use 2 coats of the liner.  You will see how easy these magic lashes are to use.  In under a minute you will have the lashes you always wanted.  It's kinda like magic.  Give MAGIC LASHES a try we are confident you will not be disappointed.  Our fool proof adhesive magic eyeliner is available in both black and clear.