Lash Bundles

If you haven't tried our lash bundles you are missing out on a hot new trend.  Our magnetic eyelashes have 7 teeny tiny magnets on each lash allowing for a powerful all day hold.  Lash bundles include everything you need to get your lash on and they are so easy to use.  Apply 2 coats of liner and let it dry for a few minutes.  Go get dressed or feed the kids and in a few minutes you will be ready to apply your lashes.  Once the liner is dry your magnetic eyelashes will snap onto the magnetic eyeliner.  Check out our fabuLASHous lash bundles today. magnetic eyeliner and lash bundles  We have a limited variety of the best styles so it will be easy to pick a lash that best suits you.  When in doubt go smaller and you can always lash up with your next pair?  Really having trouble deciding on a lash bundle?  Check out of deluxe package that include 5 sets of lashes in different lengths and styles.  This set will last you for months.  False Eyelash Case Deluxe Set (