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FAQs Adhesive Lashes

Frequently Asked Questions  |  The Diva Lash

The Diva Lash False Eyelash Benefits:

Our false eyelash system has a seamless application.  There are no gaps between the eyelash and your eyelid resulting in a natural look.  No appointments, no bulky magnets, no sandwiching, no glue. 

Our products are priced to give you the best value for your purchase. 

Are Diva false eyelashes applied with glue?

No!  Our waterproof system works with an adhesive, not glue.  It is latex free and rubber free. 

What is the difference between BLACK and CLEAR eyeliner? 

Black liner is easy to see during application. Clear eyelash adhesive liner is not visible when it dries.    

How to apply Diva Lash False Eyelashes?

Trim lashes to desired width. 

Shake liner before each use & apply 2 coats of liner to top eyelid. 

Be sure to cover the entire area where lashes will be placed. 

Let dry for 30-60 seconds.

Starting with the inner corner, place lashes on the liner & press down gently.

How do I trim my false eyelashes?

Hold a lash up to your eye to determine the correct size. 

Gently trim the lash on either side or a little on both sides to get your desired look. 

Use small scissor or clean cuticle nipper for precision. 

Note:  You should not feel your lashes once placed.  Trim to achieve comfort and your desired look. 

Is it ok to wear my other make-up with my false eyelashes?

Yes!  We suggest applying the lashes first to avoid getting other makeup on the liner applicator. 

Keeping the liner tip clean will help it last longer. 

Do I need mascara with my adhesive eyelashes? 

With Diva Lashes it is not necessary to wear mascara on your top eyelashes but it is certainly optional. 

When should I wear my Diva Lashes?

Any time you want to look your best!  We recommend you remove them before bed. 

How do I remove my false eyelashes and liner?

Gently peel lashes off and store in the box. 

Dip a Q-tip in an eye make-up remover solution and gently rub along the liner line. 

Follow with your regular routine. 


With proper care, lashes may be re-used 10+ times.  Always be gentle when handling your lashes. 

For some more tips about lashes, visit the lash lounge

How much is shipping?

All USA orders ship FREE. 

Are eyelashes ready to ship?

All orders placed by 2pm (eastern standard time) are shipped same day. 

What are the ingredients in the adhesive liner?