False Eyelashes for Dance

False Eyelashes in the Ballroom Dance World

Those of us born or bred in locations such as New York City and Philadelphia and are passionate about our dancing know the importance of “show quality” appearance.  Whether beginner ballroom dancer or professional participating in dance competitions we always want to look beyond our best and dazzle our spectators.  This may be easily achieved with magnetic eyelashes. 

It is not just how we move, it is the overall appearance that impress the judges and adds enjoyment for the crowd.  Crystal adorned dresses and bedazzled shoes make a great impression but the makeup is the icing on the cake, the cherry on the sundae.  After applying magnetic eyelashes you will immediately notice the difference in your eyes – the magnetic eyelashes make your eyes dance too.

Performers wear stage makeup so its visible to the crowd. When looking at them in person and up close it may seem like they are overdone but this amount of product is necessary for the camera and the audience.  Magnetic eyelashes enhance the eyes and captivate the audience.  Magnetic eyelash styles are available at Magnetic Lash Bash and we are sure you will find one to suit your needs. 

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