False Eyelashes

Ever felt like you were going to lose an eye trying to apply sandwiches lashes?  You can literally see them hanging off your eyelid when you blink!  Disappointment can be a recurring emotion while on the search for the perfect false eyelash time and time again.  Eyelash extensions were hip for over a decade until COVID hit, and one by one those New York City gals watched their individual lashes fall out exposing the inevitable and obvious damage underneath.  Even if you had a good experience with eyelash extensions, it is a time-consuming process that is inconvenient and very costly.

Today there are so many false eyelash options and finally there are easy solutions.  But don’t be fooled – not all lashes are created equal.  Magnetic false eyelashes are HOT right now but if you are not experienced at liquid eyeliner you may get stumped.  The best magnetic eyelashes come with what is referred to as anchors, tiny magnets attached to several lashes.  After you apply your false eyelashes and liner the anchors are placed underneath,  giving the added security you need so they really do last all day.  A great alternative to glue lashes are magic adhesive eyeliner and false lashes.  A sponge tip liner is the key to this success story.  You can actually draw with it.  Line your upper eyelid with this magic pen (available in black and clear) and your lashes will stick to the liner.  While they won’t give you 12 hour hold, it truly is the most fool proof system. 

False eyelashes are truly redeeming themselves and are definitely worth giving them another try!