Eyelash Quiz | Magnetic Lash Bash

Adhesive eyelashes?  Magnetic eyelashes?  It can be confusing, we get it.  Long, short, dramatic, natural lashes - it's not easy to decide with so many different styles to chose from - this can get confusing!  If you are not sure which type of eyelash system is right for you or what style will best suit your needs, this eyelash quiz will help.  Answer a few simple questions and the eyelash quiz will recommend a lash style for you.  Still have questions after taking the eyelash quiz?  We are here for you!  Simple reach out via email or text and we will help you! 

When in doubt, go smaller.  We highly recommend first time lash users to select the Diamond Adhesive Eyelash Kit available with black and clear liner.  For experienced lashers we still recommend our adhesive eyelash kits but if magnetics are your thing we highly recommend the Phoenix Magnetic Lash if you are looking for a fuller style.