Eye Shape Guide | Magnetic Lash Bash

There are so many different types of eye shapes but it may not be that easy for you to figure out which one is yours.  Here is a guide to help you find your eyelid shape based on the six most common eye shapes.  Remember, one is more beautiful than the next when you learn how to apply makeup that enhances your own unique eyelid shape. 


Monolid eyelids do not reveal a crease.  If eyeshadow is applied to the bottom lid of a monolid you will not see the eyeshadow when the eye is open.  Monolids are common among east Asian decent folks and they are simply beautiful.  For those looking to alter their monolid there is a surgical procedure available called a double eyelid blepharoplasty.  During this procedure a plastic surgeon will remove muscle and tissue which then creates a crease.  The surgeons incision site is closed with surgical glue or stitches. 


Are the outer corners of your eye turned upward?  Are they higher in the outer corner?  If you answered yes, then you have what is referred to as upturned eyelids.  Also referred to as the “cat eye” this sexy look is artificially achieved by many with advanced eyeliner skills!  Upturned eyes tilt upward and are very exotic looking without any makeup. 


If your eyelids tilted downwards at the outer corners of your eyes then you have downturned eyelids.  Downturned eyelids can make your eyes look upper eyelid look bigger than your bottom lid. 


Upper eyelids with excess skin (also referred to a flap) are commonly referred to a hooded eyes.  The excess skin can make it difficult to apply liquid eyeliners and false eyelashes because the skin touches the eyelid when the eye is open.  Sometimes hooded eyelids develop with age.  The excess skin hangs over the eyelid.  A surgical procedure known as a blepharoplasty will remove excess skin from the eyelid. 


Do you have a crease in your eyelid that is visible?  Does the white surrounding your iris show a little more than the other eye shapes?  Then you have round eyes.  Round eyes are great for playing with eyeshadow palettes.  They are bright and simply beautiful. 


More like an oval shape, just like an almond, these eyes have a smaller eyelid area.  Almond eyes are not round but wider in width.  You will also notice the inner corners are pointed slightly.  The crease is obvious with almond eyes.