The Evolution of False Eyelashes

Let’s agree on one thing – bold eyelashes are simply stunning – and we all want them.  Unfortunately they have been a challenge to apply dating back to the Silent Generation – yes, your Mom’s and Nanny’s were wearing lashes, I know hard to believe.  They slapped them on with a wing and a prayer and hoped their gentleman callers didn’t mind when they raced to the powder room to reapply glue.  Over the years false eyelashes have evolved quite a bit.  Baby Boomers were slapping dangerous glue on their lashes with toothpicks!  Oh my how things have changed in the eyelash industry.  We have come a long way!  Goodbye clumpy glue, sayonara sandwich lashes – hello magnetic eyelashes because they are here to stay!  Finally a safe solution that works!  Women all over especially in the most glamorous cities like New York, NY, Houston, TX, Philadelphia, PA and Hollywood, CA are all jumping on this new trend.  The days of worrisome lashes are gone for good.  Read these helpful tips before buying your next set of false eyelashes in New York, NY, Houston, TX, Philadelphia, PA and Hollywood, CA!