Determine your skills

Are you practically a make-up guru or do you barley know what you are doing?  Assessing your makeup skills will help you determine the type of false eyelash that will work best for you.  For beginners we highly recommend an adhesive false eyelash.  They are the easiest to use, less expensive and reusable so you get lots of practice which translates to more bang for your buck.  The adhesive liner is available in black and clear and the sponge tip makes it practically fool proof. 

For those who have more experience magnetic false eyelashes are taking the world by storm.  Apply two coats of the magnetic eyeliner and the lashes will grab on.  It can take some patience getting the right amount of liner on but once you master the technique, you will love them.  This higher quality lash comes with a higher price but it’s totally worth it.  Keep in mind the trick is: the liner must be shaken prior to each use and thoroughly dry before you apply the magnetic lashes. 

Traditional glue on eyelashes are the least expensive but you must learn to master the clumpy glue or they will never work.  Is this possible? Sure it is – with practice. But keep in mind there is always risk of natural lash damage especially glue containing harsh chemicals and latex or rubber.  For these reasons we do not offer typical old school glue eyelashes.

What are you trying to achieve? 

Picking a lash style can be confusing but it’s nothing to stress over.  Determine your goal: are you looking for length, density or both?  Length is a subtle change and shorter dense lashes are too but if you go long and dense the first time you try lashes, you may feel like you overdid it and stick them in a drawer.  That is not the goal!  Go gradual.  Select the lash style you are going to wear. Just adding length the first time is an easy adjustment.   If you are really having trouble deciding, buy one eyelash kit and one extra set of lashes. 

For daytime looks we recommend logan or charlotte lash (magnetic eyelash) and DiamondRuby or Topaz adhesive false eyelashes.

For fuller looks we recommend Phoenix (magnetic eyelashes) and Sapphire (adhesive eyelashes).

For lots of drama we suggest our Platinum and Emerald adhesive false eyelashes

You’ve failed at lashes over and over

One of the most important tricks with false eyelashes is cutting them to be the correct SIZE.  In most cases the lashes must be cut to fit your eye.  If you skip this step it can cause your lashes to pop off and create frustration.  If you have trouble, trim your lashes and try again.  Lashes look great when they reach the very inner corners of your eyes but can result in an insecure application.  Aim for the lashes to start just at the outer end of your pupil and not extend past your outer eyelid.  When you master lashes, then you can decide if you want to wear them wider.  Use a small scissor or clean nail clipper to cut them and always be gentle. 

False Eyelash Roadblocks: Hooded Eyelids

Ok so you were born with hooded eyelids but that does not mean you are banned from lashes!  Magnetic eyeliner needs time to dry so after you apply you should keep your eyes completely shut or it will smear on your lids.  This can be a time consuming process especially in humid weather.  For those beauties who were born with hooded lids, accept them gracefully and make the switch to adhesive lashes.  There is no drying time and the application is much quicker.  Before your patience runs out your lashes will be in place! 

 Best False Eyelashes for Beginners

So you’re not a pro at applying false eyelashes and that it ok because you don’t have to be!  When you are starting out, keep it simple and skip the eyeshadow until you get the hang of it.  Wearing your lashes alone will give you a very natural look. Make sure your eyelids are clean and avoid oil based products on your eyelids.   Carefully read the directions and sit down when applying your liner and false eyelashes.  Rest your elbow on the table or counter and go slow.  It’s ok to use your fingers to apply the lashes, but the applicators can make the process much easier as fingers can be in the way.  If you have already trimmed your lashes to size and they are not adhering, you probably did not use enough liner.  Try not to give up because one you see yourself in these lashes you will love the way you look!   

Don’t Give Up!

Whatever you do, don’t give up.  False eyelashes have come a long way and these products actually do work. You will be amazed at how different you look and you will see a ‘new’ you when you look in the mirror.  Lashes will give you a polished look and will be worth the small learning curve.  Please contact us any time if you have specific questions or would like our suggestions for a lash style.