DIY Lash Extensions | The Eyelash Revolution 

What is this DIY beauty trick all about?  

Your little black dress has yet to go out of style, but harsh glue and sandwich lashing are so last season.  Magnetic Lash Bash, a beauty and cosmetics brand, is now offering your peepers two lash solutions - DIY Eyelash Extensions.  This will take your lashing to a new level.  Fabu-lash-ous just got more fabu-lash-ous.  Easy-to-use DIY lashes can be applied in 5 minutes and will stay on all day.  This is truly the best solution yet because now looking great has never been so quick and effortless.

Magnetic Lash Bash is super excited to now be able to offer both types of false eyelash systems.  There is truly an option for every type of lash lover.  In fact, with little or no practice even Granny will be able to lash in a flash. And, why not when lashes are simply timeless?    

 Magnetic Lash Bash offers adhesives, magnetic lashes - the DIY Lash extensions.  They have similar results but different application methods and both systems are easy to use. For those with hooded peeps, little experience, or shaky hands, adhesive lashes are the top choice because they are easier to apply.  On the other hand, magnetic eyeliner is liquid and requires a bit of precision.  For those who are comfortable applying liquid eyeliner, magnetics are a snap. Magnetic lashes tend to look slightly more dramatic at the lash line due to the black liner, but this can also be achieved with adhesives.   For those who have their own eyelashes and little experience with lashing, DIY lash extensions may be just the solution for you.  The adhesive which is applied to your natural lashes is available in clear and black.  The best part is – they stay on all day.