Are Magnetic Eyelashes the Future or just a FAD? | Magnetic Lash Bash

Are Magnetic Eyelashes the Future or just a FAD?  | Magnetic Lash Bash

Lash Glue is yesterday’s news. It’s a burdensome overwhelming messy process.  We are over it and you should be too.   Say goodbye to traditional falsies and hello to magnetic eyelashes.  They are so simple to use that even our novice friends are getting the hang of them.  How did this happen so fast?  It’s simple.  Magnetic eyelashes are easy to use, convenient, affordable and only take a few minutes to apply.  While lash extensions are also beautiful, if the time consuming appointments are not enough to deter you, the damage from improper application techniques will.  And who wants to spend $200 a month on extensions that last for 2 weeks when you can get 30 wears for under $40?  It’s a no lash brainer.


Magnetic eyelashes look and feel the same as traditional adhesive lashes except for the magnets.  Along the lash band there are tiny magnets that make the product work.  It’s thin, does not weigh much and since the lashes are designed to stick to the eyeliner they do not cause damage to your natural lashes.  Magnetics come in a variety of sizes and styles ranging from short and wispy to long, thick and full. 

Magnetic Lash Bash offers a variety of high quality synthetic lashes so they are vegan and do not cause irritation like real mink fibers may do to those with allergies to fur.  Plus, we love animals. 


The magnetic eyelashes at Magnetic Lash Bash have 7 tiny magnets on each eyelash.  These tiny magnets stick to the iron oxides in the magnetic liner once it is dry.  No more fussin with glue.  If you can apply liquid eyeliner you can apply magnetic eyelashes.  The entire process revolves around the application of the magnetic eyeliner. Once that dries your lashes literally snap on!   It is truly that simple – no muss no fuss. 


If you review the ingredients they are not much different than many other cosmetic products you are using.  Iron oxide is used regularly.  Always do a spot test when using new products for the first time  especially when you have allergies.  Magnetic eyelashes are actually much safer than extensions and there are no sharp instruments close to your eye and they are not attached to your natural eyelash. 

Everyone is doing them now - beauty experts, makeup girls, movie stars and even some of your friends.  This is no FAD.  Magnetic eyelashes are here to stay.  They may get better but they are not going away and once you have tried them you will agree.  They are addicting and once you have fallen for them you will be making room for your eyelash closet. 


It is not recommended to sleep with your magnetic eyelashes for several reasons. 

  • Firstly, they are lashes so they are fragile. If you are a heavy sleeper you may damage them or lose them.  They belong in the box so they are safe and ready to use again. 
  • Always remove your makeup before going to bed. You should wash your eyelashes the same way you wash your face to eliminate mites on your eyes.  It’s gross but they do exist. 
  • Gently peel the lash band from your eye and place it in the box.
  • Using an eye makeup remover, gently swipe your upper eyelid to loosen the magnetic eyeliner. Once this is done, a great trick is to then wipe your eyelid with a makeup remover cloth. These use water to remove makeup and are rather effective.  Lastly, wash your face and eyes with mild soap. 

Magnetic Eyelashes are here to stay and we are excited for you to join the club.  Check out our magnetic eyelashes and let us know if you have questions!