Adhesive Eyelashes: Lash in a Flash

Adhesive Eyelashes: Better Than Ever

Adhesive eyelashes have been in existence for decades.  It is the new go to solution to looking naturally glamourous in seconds, however it wasn’t always this easy.  Outdated application styles and products made adhesive eyelashes very difficult to apply.  Messy glue that contained dangerous products are a thing of the past because these adhesive eyelashes have come a long way.  Our adhesive eyelashes system have a seamless application.  There are no gaps between the lash and your eyelid resulting in a natural look.  No appointments, no bulky magnets, no sandwiching, no glue.  Our adhesive eyelashes products are priced to give you the best value for your purchase.  Our waterproof adhesive eyelashes system works with an adhesive, not glue.  These adhesive eyelashes are latex and rubber free.  The adhesive is available in black and clear formulas.  The black liner is easy to see during application. The clear liner is not visible when it dries.    Both are simply magical and will give you desired results in seconds. 

Adhesive eyelashes available at our online store are  shipped the same day and will arrive at your day in a short time.  All orders ship free too which is a bonus.  When you receive your lashes carefully remove the lashes from the tray with a tweezer.  Never pull on the lashes as they are delicate and fragile.  Place the lashes to your eyelid and determine how much of the lashes should be trimmed.  Trim lashes to desired width.  Always use a small scissor or sharp tool to trim your adhesive eyelashes.  Pro Tip:  You should not feel the lashes after a few minutes after application.  If they are poking you or irritating you, remove the lash and trim a little more.  Always trim in small pieces.  Once the correct size is determined, shake the adhesive eyelashes liner before each use & apply 2 coats of liner to top eyelid.  Be sure to cover the entire area where lashes will be placed.  Allow the adhesive eyelashes line to dry for 30-60 seconds.  Starting with the inner corner, place lashes on the liner & press down gently.  It is this simple and you will have all day wear.