Magnetic Eyelashes

  • Do Magnetic Eyelashes really work?

    We all have our one magic product; the one we can do without it. It might be that red lip gloss or a tinted moisturizer that transforms your skin. For me it was eyelashes extensions...that was until I left New York and ended my ten year relationship with them. I was devastated every time I looked in the mirror. I sought out every magnetic eyelash I could get my hands on. Sandwich lashes on amazon? Sounds like a fix to me! Unfortunately after multiple attempts, they were impossible for me to use. Poked my eye a few times and there I still sat with naked lashes....
  • Nature Bunny Lashes | Magnetic Lash Bash

    Looking for a subtle lash that doesn't make you look like you are trying to overdo it?  Charlotte, our most natural style in the magnetic eyelash line will not disappoint you if you are seeking a soft and natural eyelash.  You will not look ridiculous and you can still give up that daunting mascara! Check out our Charlotte Magnetic Eyelashes Kit today. 

    Each lash has 7 magnets for durable all day hold and every kit comes with the magnetic eyeliner.  Each set is reusable 20-30 times.  You will just love your new natural lashes!

  • Are magnetic eyelashes for you?

    I often wondered this myself until I tried Magnetic Lashes with liner!  It's as simple as they say!  I applied 2 thin coats of liner and once it dr...