So You've Got Acne, now what?

Acne sucks and will make you cray-cray.  Most of us have been there and it's nothing to be ashamed about but we totally get how you are feeling.  Some of it is mind over matter.  Trust me, not everyone sees your blemishes the way you do but I totally get it.  You feel like a light is shining right on your spots.  Nonetheless I always suggest focusing on something else on your face.  It’s a great excuse to enhance your makeup skills and draw people’s attention to your eyes instead of your bumps.  Eyeshadow can be fun and goes a long way when it comes to distractions on your face.  Mascara is great but false eyelashes are easy to apply and will really change your look.  Have them looking at your beautiful eyes instead of your imperfections.  In the meantime, Here are some recommendations to help you battle acne. 

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