You've decided it's time to jump on the magnetic lash train and give magnetic lashes a ride, but where do you start?  Don't be intimidated, not all versions are as difficult to use as they once were and we are here to provide you with thorough directions on how to get them on right every time.  There are so many different types of magnetic lashes out there and it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you.  Some work differently than others so the purpose of this blog is to provide you with basic information about how each one works.  Let’s get started!

Sandwich lashes:  In my opinion, one of the more difficult versions of magnetic eyelashes are the sandwich types.  There are a few (2-4) tiny magnets on each eyelash and this method requires 2 lashes for each eye: one on the top and one on the bottom.  To secure these magnetic lashes on your eye you need to carefully place one of the lashes on the bottom of your upper eye and one of the lashes on below forming a sandwich on your upper lashes.  This can get tricky because you need to get very close to your eyelid when making the sandwich.  If you place the sandwich lashes too far out, not only will you see them, but they will fall off.  These lashes also apply weight to your natural lashes which is not very good for your natural lashes.  Most lashes available using this system are smaller in width so even if you do place them correctly they do not cover your entire lash line and therefore you will still need mascara for your inner natural lashes.  In theory these sound like a simple way to lash however accomplishing the correct application is tricky. 

Magnetic Eyelashes with eyeliner

In theory this is very simple but there are some tricks to applying magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner and I are here to explain.  In summary, to apply magnetic eyelashes you simply apply 2 coats of magnetic eyeliner, let it dry and your lashes will snap on.  It sounds easy and with a little bit of practice, it is.  Trust me on this. 

Here are some tips for practicing liquid eyeliner application: The trick to magnetic lashes is applying the liquid eyeliner.  I usually encourage beginners to buy a drug store liquid eyeliner to practice with first.  Once you get better at applying liquid eyeliner it is usually smooth sailing from there.  It requires a steady hand to apply liquid eyeliner and if you are challenged with this, I always suggest leaning your elbow or arm on a steady surface such as your bathroom or kitchen counter.  Standing while applying your liquid eyeliner can make it more difficult so I suggest sitting on a comfortable chair and lean your arm on a flat surface.  Always shake your liquid eyeliner before applying.  It is critical to mix the particles to get the best results.  I find it is best to apply in the middle of your lash line first.  When you start in the inner corner you may get excess liner that will be too thick to dry in a reasonable time. This way if you apply too much liner you will be able to spread it out.  The key is to apply 2 very thin coats of the liner.  Always apply your eyeliner with patience and go slow.  This is not something that should be rushed as this is the key to getting your magnetic eyelashes to work.  Again, let me emphasize that two coats of magnetic eyeliner is critical. 

Once you have applied your magnetic eyeliner always be sure to allow it to thoroughly dry.  As I mentioned above, the magnetic eyeline is key and wet eyeliner will not work as well.  This is a great time to do other things like get dressed, feed the dog or pack your lunch.  The liner will dry in as little as two minutes but the more time you allow it to dry the better the results.  Humidity can impact drying time and your body temperature can also.  If you feel warm, use a cool mini fan or a hair dryer on a low and cool setting to help your liner dry quicker. 

Now that your eyeliner is completely dry you are ready to apply your lashes.  Magnetic eyelashes can be applied with your fingers or a plastic applicator tool.  Both work well and this is strictly preference.  I prefer to apply my magnetic eyelashes starting with the inner corner but I have seen many lash girls start with the outer corner so always do what you fee more comfortable.    

Once you apply the magnetic eyelash to the inner corner you will literally feel the little magnet grab to the eyeliner and this is how you know it is working.  If the first magnet does not grab, do not continue.  Change the angle of your arm and visualize the magnet and match it up to your lash line.  Be certain there is magnetic eyeliner there or there will be nothing to grab.  Once the first magnet grabs, gently pull and place the remainder of the magnetic eyelash across your lash line.  Once it is where you like it, gently press (or lightly tap) your finger across the lash to make sure it is secure. 

Your lashes should feel comfortable!  It does not have to hurt to be beautiful.  If the lashes are poking you then they may need to be trimmed.  Trimming is easy with magnetic eyelashes.  You simply cut off one of the small magnets on each lash.  I prefer to use a very small cuticle scissor, a clean clipper or a cuticle nipper.  You need a small tool for precision.  Our lashes are made with 7 magnets for the purpose of providing flexibility with sizing.  Even if you trim off 2 magnets you will still have 5 left. 

In summary, to apply magnetic lashes, you apply 2 coats of magnetic liner, let it thoroughly dry and the lashes snap on.  Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and if you ever have questions about magnetic eyelashes do not hesitate to contact us.  Several styles of lashes are available depending on your needs.  For our simple everyday look we recommend our Charlottle Magnetic Lash  We also have styles that gradually increase in length and volume.  Check out our Magnetic-Lashes today! 


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