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Magnetic Eyelashes: Do they really work?

We all have our one magic product; the one we can do without it. It might be that red lip gloss or a tinted moisturizer that transforms your skin. For me it was eyelashes extensions...that was until I left New York and ended my ten year relationship with them. I was devastated every time I looked in the mirror. I sought out every magnetic eyelash I could get my hands on. Sandwich lashes on amazon? Sounds like a fix to me! Unfortunately after multiple attempts, they were impossible for me to use. Poked my eye a few times and there I still sat with naked lashes. And then I saw it: magnetic-lashes-and-liner! Here it was, a miracle in a box. And so many to chose from! Could it be that easy? My journey began with Ardell. $15, what did I have to lose? Well, in summary $15 because they didn’t work for me. My journey continued as I traveled down the road to iLuxLashes, Glamnetics and MoxieLash. Unfortunately these were added to my failures. Some worked once, but not as claimed – not for multiple uses. Stumped again, I gave up and embraced my boring eyes. 10 coats of mascara, you know what I mean ladies. And then I found my new BFF. The original, 5 patents pending, vegan, cruelty free, magnetic eyelashes and liner by ToriBelle Cosmetics. Yes folks, these work. I tore open the package and tried to keep my hopes at bay in preparation for yet another disappointment. I applied 2 coats of magnetic eyeliner and let it dry. I looked at myself cold in the mirror and said a quick prayer and then it happened: my lashes grabbed onto the liner. Could this be true? I am a convert and stand behind this product. Struggling with your lashes? Join me on this journey. Get your confidence back and try these lashes today!

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  • Thank goodness for false eyelashes! I dont know what I would do without them. They are my number one go to beauty fix! I never leave home without them! Thank you magnetic lash bash!

    Maria Vera

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